Lighthouse Easter Eggstravaganza VENDOR RegistrationSpring2024-03-23T14:45:00.000ZUPCOMINGEVENT17112213000002541595324159532

The Lighthouse Easter Eggstravaganza IS BACK for a third year in a row! Thank you for your interest in BEING A VENDOR! Small business, and local resources are welcome to participate!

Rules & Regulations for being a Vendor:
– Vendors must be register pay a $25.
– Vendors can start setting up their stations no earlier than 10:45 AM. We will not allow vendors onto the property after 11:30 AM. 
 Upon entering, you will be directed to turn right to slowly drive towards the “barn.” Pull over to the side and unload your needed items as quickly as possible. Then, you will be directed to park your car in the back closer to Whitaker Ave. You may only start setting up at your stations once your car has been parked. Cars may not park outside of the barn and may only be pulled over for a maximum of 10 minutes.
– Vendors must clean up all of their belongings, throw away all of their trash, and be off the property by 3:30 PM.
– Vendors are expected to bring their own tables and chairs if needed.
Vendors must respect all Lighthouse Staff and follow their directions, especially with parking. Vendors who do not comply to the simple parking rules set forth or who mistreat Lighthouse staff will be asked to leave and not be invited back for future events.
– The Lighthouse will you one eft by 3ft table and two chairs.
– Each Vendor will be assigned a specific station where they must be set up at.
– This event goes until 3pm.You will not be able to bring your car back to the front of the barn to break down and clean up before 3pm.



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