Welcome to The Lighthouse!

Founded in 1893 as a settlement house, the mission of the Lighthouse is to provide educational, recreational and economic improvement programs to families and individuals to improve the quality of their lives, help them move toward self-sufficiency and nurture children and youth, guiding them to become contributing members of society. For more than 100 years the Kensington, Fairhill and North Philadelphia communities have relied on the Lighthouse to provide multi-cultural services that respond to the multi-dimensional needs of our communities’ members.

Welcome, Safe-Hub! Safe-Hub will be introducing The Lighthouse "FairPlay" soccer program in March 2020! This soccer program is designed to develop life-skills through soccer in a way that produces great athletes and great people. The program teaches and sharpens young people’s fundamental soccer skills through consistent practice in addition to helping them discover skills in teamwork, leadership, and overcoming adversity and setbacks. More Info here..


The Lighthouse Sports Complex is evolving!

For decades, the Lighthouse fields have been home to some of the most memorable and extraordinary sporting and entertainment events!

Enrollment for the Lighthouse After School Program is Now OPEN!

To all of our parents, teachers and the Lighthouse community, Thank you for your patience! The Board of Directors alongside the Lighthouse staff are working day and night to improve our programs, process, and our product!


2020 will be a great year for us! We are working on new sports programs, new after-school programs, improvements to the field and facilities!


The Lehigh Building
152 West Lehigh Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Main Office: 215-425-7800 

Fax: 215-425-6091

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The Somerset Building
141 West Somerset St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Main Office: 215-425-7800 

Fax: 215-425-6091

Lighthouse Sports Complex
101 East Erie Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Main Office: 215-425-7800 

Fax: 215-425-6091