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Influenced is a live workshop event created by parents of teens for parents and teens. Designed by global anti-trafficking nonprofit, The Exodus Road, Influenced is full of practical education and action steps that will empower your family to participate in our online world while avoiding exploitation. Content centers around questions like:

What’s it like to be a teen navigating today’s digital world with parents who didn’t grow up in that same world?
What are the positive and negative aspects of spending time online?
What are the potentially harmful impacts related to unsafe practices online? And what is the connection between technology and exploitation, or even human trafficking?
How pervasive are sexting, sextortion, and other forms of cyber exploitation in the U.S.? And what can both parents and teens do to protect themselves (or their families) from exploitation related to these activities?
How can families adopt healthy online boundaries, take a stance against digital exploitation, and talk openly together about technology use?

    Influenced is coming to the Lighthouse Field on Thursday, November 9th, and is ideal for parents with children approaching or within their teenage years.

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