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Lucy Rodriguez

The Lighthouse is a family orientated center which lets me be the teacher I want to be. Students know their teacher loves and values them. Over my 43 years of teaching at the Lighthouse, what matters the most is the life-long impact I make in the little hearts and minds of my students.

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Daniel Diaz

The Lighthouse has been a beacon of hope and a life saver for me for many years. It’s provided programming for my children, my children’s children and myself. To some it all up my heart is here and this is where I am at my best. 

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Francheska Serrano

The Lighthouse has been my second home since the age of 2.

It is where I have always felt accepted, welcomed and heard.

I am not sure what my life would be like without this place!

Thank you for laying the foundation to allow me to be a graduate of

Penn State University