Safe-Hub is excited to partner with MVP360 to begin offering the FairPlay soccer program at Lighthouse Fields starting Spring 2020. FairPlay soccer combines soccer training and life-skills development to create young people who are well-rounded people and athletes.


The FairPlay soccer program is designed to develop life-skills through soccer in a way that produces great athletes and great people. The program teaches and sharpens young people’s fundamental soccer skills through consistent practice in addition to helping them discover skills in teamwork, leadership, and overcoming adversity and setbacks. The curriculum is focused on learning through team-based soccer in a competitive, safe, and fun environment. Teamwork and resilience principles promote each participant’s commitment to their team and themselves.


The ten-week program consists of twice-per-week practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays where participants focus on soccer skills development while learning about the concept of ‘FairPlay’ on and off the field. On Saturdays, participants play in a soccer league that promotes skills development and FairPlay principles. Young people of all skill levels are highly encouraged to join.


PROGRAM DAYS: 2 practice days per week after school (Tuesdays, Thursdays); 1 game-day per week on Saturdays


SPRING SEASON DATES: March 28, 2020, to June 06, 2020


LOCATION: Lighthouse Fields, 101 E. Erie Ave. Philadelphia, PA


AGE GROUP: Girls and Boys 8-14 years old (all ages welcome to register)


COST: $45.00 per season FREE for all Lighthouse Pre-School Registered Students ages 4 and 5


REQUIRED GEAR: Sneakers (cleats preferred), shorts or sweatpants, socks, shin guards

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