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Our esports initiative, focuses on addressing the unmet needs of career readiness by leveraging their interests in esports and creating opportunities to foster their growth by: 


  • Providing a safe, inclusive environment to compete and learn through esports

  • Nurturing their curiosity to explore and develop their competencies through enhanced programming 

  • Connecting them with industry leaders, educators, and businesses to create awareness of potential career options and its related continuing education


We are in the process of rebuilding our website so I thought it might be helpful to send you additional information on the Emerald Foundation.


Our programming centers around our vision to empower​, excite and cultivate tomorrow’s workforce through esports. We work to engage and inspire students by identifying and nurturing competencies awakened through esports and connect them to their community through our mission. Our core values help us to achieve our vision and mission for Emerald Esports:

  • We are inclusive. We provide engaging programming for all students through equitable means. 

  • We are experiential. We facilitate an immersive, fun environment where students can play, explore, and connect through ongoing organized events and learning opportunities. 

  •  We are innovators. We consistently introduce forward-thinking solutions to ever-changing learning and career-exploration needs for students.

  • We are knowledge-focused. We provide informal education opportunities in a safe, nurturing community where students can learn, practice, and develop.

  • We are conveners. We build robust relationships and mutually-beneficial partnerships by bringing collaborative people and organizations together to maximize our impact. 


We aim to provide opportunities in a safe, nurturing community for students to learn, practice, and develop through experiential gaming competitions, virtual programming, and career exploration. We currently have a variety of programming options students between the ages of 13-23, as we believe our career exploration will most impact these individuals through esports initiative. Please see below for a list of our current programming options:


  • Career Readiness Program

  • A pilot program supported by the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and the Workforce Development Board through the PASmart Grant. This program addresses an unmet need in student career readiness development by engaging them in core competency identification and exploration. 
  • ​Esports Explore!

  • Interactive series of virtual lessons hosted by Emerald Esports convenes industry leaders, educators, and businesses to help students identify the correlation between their competencies and future careers.