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L.E.A.P will have a transformative impact through diverse programs that inspire leadership, education, teamwork, wellness, self-discipline, and resilience while offering inner city youth opportunities to develop the intellect, ethics and character needed to lead meaningful lives that will positively effect society in profound ways.


To empower inner city youth with confidence, motivation, opportunities, and success powered by the belief that they can achieve their dreams that will transcend into every aspect of their lives.


With access to athletic and educational opportunities as guiding principles, the following values are ingrained in the philosophical approach of The LEAP program:

  1. Integrity, reflected as a core component of everything we do.

  2. Wellness, reflected in the way we educate the whole being, encourage a balanced experience and teach lifelong habits.

  3. Competitiveness, reflected in the development of interactive programs and opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

  4. Leadership, reflected in mentoring the next generation of youth while fostering and empowering a diverse community of learners.

  5. Community, reflected in the emphasis placed on learning that takes place outside of the classroom to inspire, support and strengthen children’s engagement with the broader community

How do you strive to meet our mission?

Resources, support, and access to educational and athletic opportunities are not always as easily accessible to the youth in the community The Lighthouse serves. 


Having access to athletic and educational programs can be a positive force in the lives of youth. Not only can these programs greatly assist with the decision-making process, but it can also help children with their development including but not limited to emotional and psychological development. The opportunities to learn life skills like problem solving, leadership, integrity, teamwork, trust, responsibility, negotiation, and sportsmanship will provide the foundation to seek a better path.


Inner-city youth can be faced with daily challenges in life that children in the next town over may never experience. All children should have the same access to safe spaces where they can escape the life challenges and barriers that are against them.  LEAP strives to be that safe space by providing them with a supportive environment where they learn skills and values. We will plan to offer opportunities for children to “leap” into success, whether it’s catching a ball, scoring a basket, developing a play, leading a team, or solving a complex problem. LEAP children should come with a positive attitude and be prepared to engage in meaningful activities.