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  • Started Sep 23, 2019

    30 US dollars

Mr. Jason B. Bozzone

CEO / Executive Director

Mr. Andre Hawkins

Director of Finance

Ms. Zuleyka Baez

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Kyara Graciani

Family Advocate

Ms. Jessica Casillas

Administrative Assistant / Access Center Group Leader

Mr. Kelvin Perez

Maintenance Technician

Ms. Carol King

Chief Operations Officer

215.425.7800 ext. 308

Mr. Michael Lopez

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Joshua Quintero

Maintenance Technician

Mr. Gilbert Vega

Sports & Recreation Manager

Ms. Francheska Serrano

Health & Safety Manager

Ms. Chantel Brown

Director HR & Programs

Mr. Jonathan Santiago

Family Advocate

Ms. Rachel Camacho

Director of Education

Ms. Jessie Llanot

Family Advocate

Mr. Daniel Diaz

Maintenance & Facilities Manager

The Lehigh Building
152 West Lehigh Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19133

The Somerset Building
141 West Somerset St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19133

Lighthouse Sports Complex
101 East Erie Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19134


Phone: 215-425-7800    Fax: 215-425-6091